Wolverine Cat: Troll Hunter

April 21 2014
Wolverine Cat is back... and he's a little pissed.

Camera: Rory O'Donnell
Audio: Luke Bechthold http://lukesound.wordpress.com/

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Cat

February 14 2014

Here's the inevitable X-Cat spinoff, X-men Origins: Wolverine Cat.

Camera: Rory O'Donnell
Audio: Luke Bechthold

Thor Kid (Trailer)

October 24 2013

Blaik Johnson
Zeth Johnson
Kyle Schember
Ryan Stuit

Camera: Rory O'Donnell
Audio FX: Ryan Stuit http://www.subtractive.net 
Also, check out Ryan's Band: http://wearethedeep.com 

Special Thanks:

Mac Pro Commercial Parody

August 21 2013

Here's the all new Mac Pro... it's more than just a computer.

VO - Mischa Pfister
Sound Mix - Luke Bechthold