Deadpool Cat

February 23 2017

Move over Wolverine Cat, there’s a new feline super hero in town. XOXO

Deadpool Cat VO Ben Sorofman

Cat Face Tracking and Mask FX
Rory O’Donnell 

Sound Design and Mix
Luke Bechthold

Ghostbusters GO

December 9 2016

It's like Pokémon GO, but with Ghosts.

Ray Stanz: Brett Maier
Dude in car: Rory O'Donnell

Shot By - Rory O'Donnell

Sound Design and Mix - Luke Bechthold

Watch BTS.

Batcat v Supercat

July 1 2016

Cats and Superpowers? What can go wrong?
Just stay out of the way of these comic book cats.

LEXCORP Dude: Joseph Neuman
LEXCORP Lady: Reena Mangubat

Shot By, Additional VFX, Helmet Rendering and Animation
Rory O’Donnell

Sound Design and Mix
Luke Bechthold

Special Thanks:
Studio 71 Office

Darth Vader Cat

December 4th 2015

Jedi's beware!!! This feline SITH LORD brings only the Dark Side.

Shot By, Helmet VFX, Additional VFX:
Rory O Donnell 

Sound Design
Luke Bechthold 

Dude With Headphones: Ben Sorofman

Star Wars Models: