I have been creating content for as long as I can remember… writing short stories as a kid and even directing my first student films in University, where I majored in Film Production.

That was well over a decade ago. During that time, Motion Graphics sparked its head, not only because it was a new, emerging industry, but because I wanted to get a deeper understanding of an art form that’ll help create the content that I want to create. And let’s face it, I needed to find a backdoor into Hollywood.

So for over a decade in search of that backdoor, I have been working as a Motion Graphics Artist… Gaining knowledge of the post production world, and experience in specific tools like After Effects, Premiere and Cinema 4D. I’ve worked with many clients, who create content for TV, Film, Web, and even Live Entertainment.

During this period, another industry emerged… social media. Apprehensive at first, I turned my sights to it. With my knowledge of filmmaking and motion graphics, I started creating videos for Youtube where I write, direct, shoot, edit, and do VFX for all of the videos. I’ve gained over a 100 million of views so far and have been featured in a multitude of blogs, websites, and even making the TV news.  

As for that elusive back door… I still haven’t found it. 

I’m hoping I wont need to.