Just Cause 3 Win An Island Spot

AUGUST 25 2015

I started this project well into the preproduction of shot lists and storyboarding with agency Midnight Oil for Square Enix and director Kyle Schember of Subtractive. Then on set, supervised some of the shot set ups with the stunt team, DP and everyone else.

Then began the over a month long process of putting the VFX and graphics together. A couple of the tough keys (ie, shots panned up to the rafters) were handed out to a Roto company.  By using the new After Effect's Cineware plugin, it made the flow between Cinema 4D a lot easier, especially since a few shots out of C4D took up to a few days to render, and there was quite a few last minute tinkering going on.
Coloring was done by Lauren Sorofman in Resolve.
Music by Justin Bates.

Now only if I can win an Island.