Black Panther Cat

September 6 2019

Black Panther Cat never freezes in the face of danger, even in the presence of his long time adversary, Killmonger Cat.

Over the course of a month and a half, I set out on a journey to create the next chapter in the Marvel Cat Universe, Black Panther Cat.  The idea was always set at night. And to do this (like Kylo Ren Cat), I opted to shoot majority project in the day time, since the iPhone camera doesn't work well in low light.  Yes, it's right to assume there was heavy post-processing on each shot.

The masks were a treat. Black Panther's was pretty much ready to go from the start. However, Killmonger's mask was just an .stl file made for 3D printing, so I spent quite a bit of time in Cinema 4D cleaning it up and selecting the right polygons to bring out the color scheme.

Audio Mastering
Luke Bechthold

Special Thanks
Erick Salomon

Check out the action-packed video.