BT featuring Rob Dickinson - Always Music Video

August 3 2012

Here's a music video I directed for BT featuring Rob Dickinson, Always.  Thank you to BT and Black Hole Recordings for this opportunity. It was an entire day of shooting on a green screen soundstage and another day for location shots.  I also edited and created the FX. Here is the extended version (I guess you can call it the Director's Cut).

And here is the radio edit.


Director: Kaipo Jones
Producers: Kyle Schember, Brett Maier
Executive Producer: Arny Bink
Cast: Agostino Bommarito, Elizabeth Ferraris, Philip Waddilove, Susi Waddilove
Band: Rob Dickinson, Nick Gross, Scott Bernhart
Camera: Rory O'Donnell, Ryan Stuit, Kyle Schember
Makeup: Amber Gathright
Special Thanks: BT, Black Hole Recordings, Subtractive, KessPro Studios, Extras

Watch: The Making of Always